"Roy on the Hill" (words and music by Billy Jones; filmed in the high hills of Scotland by Eve Atkinson and edited by Emil Pernblad). 
This song is the title track from Billy's most recent recording. Available as download from iTunes, Spotify and the other usual internet sites, also in physical CD form from www.slaintemusic.com. 
The 12 tracks - all originals by BJ - feature himself on guitar and vocals with Slàinte: Jonas Liljeström (fiddle), Tony Tuddenham (mandolin, drums), Simon Ericson (banjo), David Odlöw (lap steel, melodeon), Pelle Bolander (electric violin), Teddy Kaiser (guitar), Dan Johansson (bass), Emily Brown Solberg (harmony vocals).

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Festive virtuosity with Sláinte at Varla Church
Festligt och virtuost med Sláinte i Varla kyrka
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Sláinte Rocks the Church